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Active military reservists and honorably discharged veterans receive a $500 bonus for your service to the country on top of any other bonus we offer with CRST.

CRST, one of the top 25 largest transportation companies in the nation, is looking for Military personnel (former or current) to be Over the Road drivers for our organization. We know what we get with our Veterans – commitment, determination, and an all-round team player. In return, we make sure you get excellent pay, great benefits and a team that supports you. CRST recognizes your service to the country and is approved to honor your G.I. Bill™ benefits through the V.A. Earn an additional $900-$1200 monthly tax free. We also provide credit towards your pay for your previous Military service.

NEW Military Apprenticeship Program!
  • Best Veterans Pay Package in the industry.
  • 25% of your time served is credited as driving experience.
  • 4 years of service = 1 year of OTR driving.
  • Goes from $.25 cents per mile to $.38 cents per mile.

Call to talk to a Military Recruiting Specialist including past Veterans at 866-910-2089.

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